The original aim of the realtime timelapse webcam was to help identify lee/lenticular waves that may be present in the mid-Wales area. These cloud formations are of a particular interest to glider pilots who exploit them to achieve great heights. A second aim was merely to watch the constantly changing cloudscape that becomes apparent when the replay is speeded up. The South Staffs webcam is located just outside the ATZ airspace surrounding Halfpenny Green airfield (Wolverhampton Business Airport), it may be of interest to pilots who may wish to view the 'actual' realtime weather in the local area. The second webacam is located in the clubhouse of the Midland Gliding Club nr Church Stretton, Shropshire (UK). This looks west towards Wales with Corndon Hill in the distance. On good days, it may be just possible to see Cader Idris on the welsh coast.                           


The images are captured using a PC webcam that is controlled by a Raspberry Pi. The individual snapshots are taken once every 30 seconds and are uploaded to the website. When you open the realtime view page, the last 15 minutes are replayed in quick succession. This gives the 'timelapse' view. The browser will load 15 mins on intial opening. Please refresh the browser button if you intend watching again. (Ctrl+F5)


For webcam specific queries, please send an email to wv5webcam@gmail dot com or you fill in the contact form on the next web page (I discovered later that the email address does not match the webisite address !!)



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